02409: Off-Kilter

So I'm pretty sure my stomach bug resulted in dehydration and then an elevated temperature. But when the news is all about COVID-19 and how its symptoms are the same as those of the flu, well it's easy for your mind to wander into weird places.

I've stopped further gym activity for now and have been hydrating aggressively including non-keto appropriate Pocari Sweat (still less sugar than Gatorade at least?) to restore electrolytes and all that fun stuff. I'm still weighing if it's more prudent to work from home or call in sick tomorrow. But it feels like such a waste.

Had there been no COVID-19 running wild in the country, then I would have just pushed past all this and continued to go to work as normal and just grin and bear it with the support of over the counter medication. But now one can't help but think twice.

I guess we'll see how things play out tomorrow.