0240F: Lockdown Intensifies

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 03
Ventured out today to settle some banking errands for work and for our parents. The assurances that banks would remain open didn't mean all branches would be open and I ran into a bit of a snag given there were only 3 or so branches of BPI open in all of BGC. I got the bare minimum settled at least and will try to get more done tomorrow.

The best news of the day involved Foodpanda and Grab Food coming back online after lunch. Apparently, they had shut down their services thinking they were no longer to operate under the enhanced community quarantine rules but it took some time to clarify that they're exempt from the restrictions were free to support all the quarantined people trying to stay home.

On the flip side, the local government of Taguig declared that the city is on lockdown in addition to the larger quarantine in effect over all of Luzon. Not quite sure what the implications of this announcement will be in the longer term but it'll definitely make sure people from outside the city will not be able to visit the Sietch for games or whatnot.

Man and it's only Tuesday is what is going to be a long month of community quarantine. We're' in for a long and bumpy ride.