02401: 11th Wheelie Day

Today marks the 11th Wheelie Day for me and Tobie. This marks the day we first really admitted being in love with one another and was really the big turning point that eventually resulted in us becoming a couple. It's not often that people in a relationship have a clear marker for moments like this, but I guess our colorful history certainly has value of a different sort.

But today was also a workday, so it's not like we could do much to mark the day. Not that we really go all out for it - Wheelie Day isn't quite our anniversary either. But it is a celebration of an important moment in our lives together. But we did meet up for lunch and once again ate at our usual haunt of Sariwon and that was a nice little celebration in itself.

This relationship has its share of big gestures and crazy celebrations. But it also has the quiet moments and the little bits that really stir the heartstrings in a different way.


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