02411: Getting Through The First Week

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 05

We're generally doing okay thus far, as far as situations like this can go. The Sietch remains pretty well-stocked and we've been working through our supplies, which included a number of extra delivery orders we had placed before the lockdown got really intense as part of our supplies. Even though things like foodpanda and Grab Food are somewhat back online with limited delivery options, it's best to not be overly reliant on such things.

I am getting a little stressed thinking about how we'll eventually restock on supplies given all the constraints around groceries. Sure, supermarkets are open again but also with limited operational staff and additional precautions on crowding. Plus the recommendation is for only one member of the household to step out to shop, which in our case would more likely mean Tobie since he can drive unless I do some shopping of my own when I step out to visit the parents.

It's a very weird time.

Tobie and I have naturally been getting through a lot of streaming content since we're together all the time. Our evenings have been taken up by various gaming ventures including tabletop RPGs via Roll20 and board game sessions we broadcast on Facebook Live. It's a good thing our hobbies naturally slant in favor of staying in, so that helps.