0161C: Getting Used To My Phone

Well, I've had my new HTC One for a few days now and I'm certainly enjoying this little device. If anything, it's certainly a most intelligent phone indeed, thus truly deserving the title of smartphone.

Now this isn't my first foray into the Android system - I have owned an ASUS Transformer EEE Tablet TF101 for more than a year now. And while that was certainly an interesting first venture into Google's mobile operating system, I don't think that tablet had enough power to effectively show what Android can do.

Now that I have the power of Android in my pocket with a pretty awesome phone, I'm discovering new capabilities that leave me re-thinking my workflows. For example, I've been a Remember the Milk user for years now, but I probably haven't fully maximized what I can do with the tool. Now I'm finally able to bring my to-do lists around with me and I expect that I'll be able to increase my usage and perhaps my productivity at the same time.

I've yet to fully explore my note-taking options, but I have made sure that my Springpad notebooks are properly setup on the new device. I think I may still favor my tablet for comprehensive note-taking during big meetings away from my work desk, but this should come in handy on the fly.

I was considering exploring more Google options like their note-taking app Keep and their Tasks app integrated into Gmail. However their effort to be minimalist in the implementation of these apps leaves them feeling a little too light on features. Yes, the ability of a to-do app to automatically generate new occurrences is a big thing for me.

There are going to be even more little "discoveries" that I'm bound to have in the days and weeks to come, I'm sure. In the meantime, I'm just totally enjoying my new device and I'm glad that I invested in this particular bit of technology. I'll just deal with the credit card bill when it comes along, hehe.
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