01620: Big Fighting Robots FTW!

So we just saw Pacific Rim - the robot fan boy that I am is most pleased. And while I know it's n ot the sort of movie that will change your life or make you weep out of the sheer artistic beauty of it all, it's a heck of a lot of fun. It's a smarter breed of your classic Hollywood popcorn blockbuster with massive fighting robots and rather florescent giant monsters. Fun stuff indeed - the full Geeky Guide review will have to wait for Monday.

I don't know precisely how to explain my thing with robots - I can trace it back to the original Transformers and it just never stopped at that point. And thus I've gotten into a lot of robot-related franchises over the years like Mech Warrior / Battletech, GoBots, The Mighty Orbots, and of course a lot of the Japanese mecha cartoons. And while Transformers remains my primary focus of my obsession, I've picked up quite a number of different robotic movies, TV shows and whatnot in my cultural arsenal.

And yes, I can accept it when they're not "true" robots and really huge vehicles piloted by human operators.

On a side note, also picked up a whole back of new Transformers toys today (much to my credit card's dismay). Today's acquisitions include the new Sandstorm triple-changer figure, the very green Grimwing Predacon and the new Transformers Generations Wreckers adapted from the Fall of Cybertron Combaticons released last year. Yes, I plunked down a lot of cash for a bunch of redecos. But damn, they're still the Wreckers! And I don't care if it does not make much sense for them to be combiners that form Ruination - at least I have a combiner to face-off against Bruticus.

I just need to figure out where to put all these new bad boys.

Otherwise, we have a Vampire tabletop RPG game set for tonight. It was a good thing Aldwin was able to join us for our Pacific Rim viewing - now we're already together for the game proper. Once Tobie finishes with work, we should be all set.

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