01622: What We Did On Sunday

I still feel the alcohol in my system - particularly the tequila, I suspect. But last night's O Bar craziness was certainly worth it - and a nice little reward after the last work week plus all the atypical stress from Sunday. To be more specific, that would be the stress from running my own tabletop RPG session (I still get crazy nervous) and my first ever photo shoot of sorts (with just my handy Lumix point and shoot camera!) - a most interesting Sunday indeed!

The game went decently well. I have to admit that I'm starting to feel a lot more comfortable with running sessions and thinking of dice rolls for people. What remains most interesting to me is how I am somewhat able to move forward with my original story and yet still find myself going into completely different directions with the help of the players. Plus there's the fact that players are players are players. And that means that they can take actions that you least expect at the worst possible moment. Just like in combat, no plan survives contact with the players characters. But thankfully I seem to be improvising well enough and the story continues to move forward. I just need to get less nervous before every game.

The photo shoot was a completely different experience. I've never really had to direct people and figure out what kinds of shots I wanted. And it got even crazier when I was trying to figure out the lights. But to use them to maximum effect was the real challenge. I kept feeling like there were so many light patterns that I had enjoyed during the various Oh Diva shows and yet I just couldn't figure out how to recreate those very same lighting conditions. But thankfully Tobie was there to help me figure some of this out and we managed to get some decent shots. Now Tobie's handling clean-up and processing for the photos and with luck we'll have some poster-worthy images that the bar can use.

Meanwhile, I feel all sluggish. And my Monday work shift looms ahead.