0162A: Never-Ending Chores and Errands

It's turning out to be one of those rather busy work weeks again - as if the weeks before this were light and breezy. But hey, a job's a job and things could be a heck of a lot worse.

One of Tobie's pasta dinners
Managing a household - even one as geekily crazy as the Sietch - is no easy task. There's like a thousand and one little errands that go into each and every day and our decision thus far not to have helpers or maids of any kind just adds to the complexity. I know this is more my fault - more than it being a cost factor, hiring help always gets me nervous given how my family has always been rather suspicious of hired help. Far too often things get lost, food isn't cooked to your satisfaction or things just aren't cleaned well. If that's the case, better you do the job yourself and save yourself the money and the stress, right?

I'm trying to re-align my daily routine to better address some of the key tasks. For example, things slow to a crawl when the dishes don't get washed or Yoshi's pee pads don't get washed as well. Dirty dishes in the sink makes one feel less motivated to cook a meal (another essential chore) and the dog just uses up more and more pee pads with each passing day, it's almost crazy. And while it's pretty simple to just lay out a new pad for his next bathroom need, it's not exactly something that you can keep doing without new clean pads in queue.

There are days when I get home from work and I don't feel like doing any of these chores and more - and that's not a good thing. Skipping out on chores just means more work in the future and more stress for both Tobie and myself. Thus it really is the best course of action to just roll up one's metaphorical sleeves and get it done before settling down for other things.

And in my case other things means editing photos or writing blog posts like this one. As if I don't do enough writing at work! But a commitment is a commitment, and I really need to keep moving forward. And perhaps with my new to-do list app on my phone, I may be in a better position to better structure things and step up my level of domestic organization up a few notches.

There's always room to do better, right?