01621: Vampire Adventuring

So last night we had a Vampire game and my Brujah detective / deputy is still bumbling around New York investigating a series of murders. He's certainly a fun character given he's really more of a strength / combat character and yet he's been thrust into this case and the obligation to figure things out.

Vampire is certainly a unique game among all White Wolf franchises and I can understand why there are people who return to this game time and time again. As much as I tend to think that Changeling is my core system, there's a lot to be said in favor of Vampire. So much history and now 20 years of development in terms of the system as well.

Today we're again at Mahar's place for our Gossamer Saga game. It has been a while since the last session since our Sunday gaming group has a number of on-going campaigns / chronicles that rotate week after week. And now it's my turn to run my game. Whoo boy.

I really just get more nervous than I ought to be, but that's life. And I tend to stress on an almost professional level for nearly everything. It certainly keeps me on my toes.

And then later I'm doing my very first photo shoot for the O Bar Princes of Poi. Now that really makes me nervous since it's going to be used for promotional stuff. This is something I've never done before and here's me with my handy little Lumix point and shoot camera. Whoo boy times infinity.