01618: Sleep Time Is Now

I was hoping to use more recent personal images in this blog post but unfortunately my photo backlog is rather crazy. I'm still in the process of uploading the photos from last week's O Bar Pride Party 2013 and in queue are the photos from Sunday and last night's birthday celebration for our anak Nico. Ah well, the price of this digital camera age when it's ridiculously easy to take loads and loads of pictures without too much guilt. But hey, it also makes for some interesting photos among the hundreds I end up throwing away.

It's always a little weird to take a mid-week day off since there's the grim prospect of returning to work the next day. I still have one more shift to deal with tonight and with everything going on  at work, it's hard to avoid it. I could have thrown caution to the wind and just filed for tonight, but then my overriding sense of responsibility won out. Plus I know that it would only get worse if I deferred things any further.

Tobie is out of town for a company outing today so the Sietch is a somewhat lonely place. So I ended up focusing all my attention on Yoshi and gave him a really thorough bath today. It's nice to see him all white again - I think he was about to turn into the weird dog monster from the Despicable Me movies. And while Yoshi never stops being the cute and adorable dog that he is, he does have an amazing penchant for getting both dirty and stinky despite rarely leaving the Sietch. It's practically a mystery in itself and I can only wonder how he manages things.

Of course that leads me to the more significant practical question of how I'm going to wake up for work on time. I've grown rather dependent on Tobie for waking me up by the time he gets home from his job so days like this always leave me a little nervous.

So I really ought to get some sleep now and set as many different alarm clocks as possible to try and wake me up. Wish me luck!
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