01630: Hangover Ramblings

So it looks like we have a rather rainy week ahead - all the different weather forecasts seem to agree on that point. It's definitely the kind of weather that makes you wish that you could just stay home and be as unproductive as possible. Not that this is really an option, of course - work is work is work after all, and we all have our respective obligations. It's not raining at this precise moment, but rain still seems quite inevitable. Better remember to bring your umbrellas with you, folks!

I'm still feel rather groggy right now - the consequences of our regular Sunday nights at O Bar. And while the tequila was not quite as free-flowing this time around, I guess the combination of lacking sleep from the double-gaming weekend and not quite eating enough before going to O Bar let the alcohol go to our heads a lot faster. Now Tobie and I are nursing some tea after stepping out for some nice hot pho at Gateway. And while it seems to be fairly well established that greasy food is best to help clear a hangover out, I personally have a preference for hot soup or maybe even congee. And while Chinese food could probably address the grease / oily part (har har!) for some reason Vietnamese food will always have a special place in my heart.

I hope the rest of the week won't be too stressful (although I don't know if I'll be that lucky) - but a guy can dream. Otherwise, I know I'll make it through to the next weekend with the help of Tobie being an awesome partner, Yoshi being the cutest dog in the world and a good number of Transformers that I have yet to unbox. If only I had more time in the day!