0162D: Long Walks

I pretty much just got after meeting up with Tobie after shift...for lunch. Because of the differences in our work schedules, the end of my work day is just in time for his lunch break. Given the relative distance and how bad Makati City traffic is during the day, I opted to walk from my office to his - which turns out to be approximately a 2 kilometer walk. It was a rather nice walk despite Metro Manila weather, although I did work up quite a sweat, as is my nature.

This may become more of a regular thing on Fridays given Tobie tends to go to work really early in order to avoid the whole "color coding" vehicle ban for the day and won't be able to go home until that rule ends at about 07:00pm. And getting in a good amount of walking is a good thing, right? Especially since the walk from Tobie's office to the Ayala MRT station is a good 3 kilometers - plus any detours I take through the Ayala Center malls.

5 kilometer walk - 2 weeks in a row now. I know it's only one day out of seven that I'm doing this, but that has to count for something, right? And my normal MRT to home walk is just under a kilometer, I think. So yay somewhat healthy options!

I really need to get more exercise in life. Admittedly that's exactly something that is easily managed around Cubao. It's a nice place because of the convenience of the malls and the big supermarket that's just around the corner and even the pet groomers are just down the street. But in terms of a nice place to walk or jog, not so much. And I don't think jogging around the mall complex is a really good idea since (1) it lacks actual plants, (2) the sidewalks are in horrendous shape and (3) you're going to get a lungful of car emissions every few meters since all the sidewalks are next to very, very busy roads.

Boo that. The best option to go for a walk would be taking a drive down to UP or something - oh the irony of needing to drive to a place to walk. But I can imagine it would be a nice little adventure for Yoshi.