01629: Board Game Fulfillment

After the obligatory recovery period after another crazy night at O Bar, we eventually stepped out in the afternoon to get some errands done. We had some serious stuff to do like get some Frontline flea and tick spray for Yoshi and some more fun stuff like accompanying Tobie to pick up his copy of the Pandemic board game.

It goes without saying that we are quite the gaming couple. Whether tabletop RPGs, board games or console games - we're totally into gaming for sure. But board games are a tricky enough variant on the gaming genre that thankfully still thrives despite the advances in video games and even mobile games. There's something about the shared experience of playing a board game together that is hard to replicate in the online gaming environment.

And I have to admit, we've come a very long way from basic old Sorry and Monopoly. And here I thought that Scene It! had been a pretty innovative game when I first played it some years back - Tobie helped expose me to the wider range of board games out there that totally blow one away. And while there are still those games that push the envelope a bit too much and end up with a game that could have worked better with the benefit of a computer's processing power, others are just brilliant in a completely different way.

I think the game that first opened my eyes to how much board games had changed was Carcassonne. What at first seemed like a silly little tile-laying game turned out to be so much more. In fact, it's a rather cutthroat strategic battleground that typically has me going crazy trying to figure out how to score more points than the other players.

Since then, Tobie and I have enjoyed a wide number of different games with friends - a lot of them being games that we actually own sets of our own. It's quite the storage nightmare - but then the Sietch is all about our passions. Who needs faux-minimalism when we have a home that screams happy geekery, right?

In the long run though, we really need to find a bigger house - one that comes with dedicated storage for all our board games, transformers an all that fun stuff. Yay for geekery!