0161F: Solitary Friday

Quiet day at the Sietch - something in rather stark contrast to my very busy work night. I had to adjust my work schedule much earlier for a client visit and that helped me get home earlier. But that sorta didn't matter all that much since Tobie had to go to work early since Friday is his coding day. At least I was able to catch him right before he left. Since then it's just been me and Yoshi at the Sietch, with Yoshi spending a lot of time asleep on my feet or at least nearby.

On a side note - I made full use of my phone at work tonight. I did everything from take notes while touring a client around to snapping quick photos of documents to be kept handy as answers for other things. Cool beans!

I've been a little too tired to do some serious writing, but at least I got a Geeky Guide entry out for the day and of course there's this blog entry. I had the laundry picked up, fed Yoshi, unboxed Transformers Animated Atomic Lugnut, and worked on backing up some of my downloads to DVDs. I've also ended up watching Withnail and I on the one end of the comic spectrum then The Matrix Reloaded and The Rock on the other.

The only other quirk was how I ended up buying food at the carinderia-style restaurant at the ground floor of the condo. Whenever I'm home alone I don't feel all that motivated to cook or order out. It's a good thing there's decent home-cooked meal options in the building for such cases.

Happy Friday everyone. I'm off to bed in a bit.

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