0161B: What Makes Up The Weekend

It was a pretty good weekend. As always there were parts that were tiring and some that we downright hilarious, but in the end it was pretty good indeed. And I'm thankful that my weekends with Tobie are generally like this over and over again. It's not easy to achieve that degree of consistency when it comes to good times. And for this, I am grateful.

Our weekly trips to O Bar make for a sharp contrast versus our weekly tabletop RPG sessions, but these two activities consistently make up the bulk of our weekends. We also catch an occasional movie here or there and our little trips out for geek shopping or great eating. And it may seem a tad repetitive to go through this near routine weekend after weekend, but quite frankly it's a lot of fun, at least for us. And so way consider changing what is clearly working, right?

The one activity that I would like to find more time for apart from writing would be watching more theater plays. But admittedly the current shows have either been outside my interests or a bit of a challenge to venture into. I'm lousy at determining which local shows might be worth exploring and by the time I do hear good stuff, they tend to be really limited runs. The challenges of the local film industry are somewhat mirrored by the local theater community. Big name Broadway-derived shows naturally get a lot more press and attention versus independently created local shows. And thus the local shows end up with very limited runs.

I also want to spend more time playing on the PS3 or finding folks who enjoy board games. As much as I enjoy our RPG sessions, it seems a shame that a lot of our game boards go largely unplayed since they require 3-4 players for an optimal experience.

But hey, we do the best that we can with the time allotted to us. And I know that as long as I have Tobie by my side, we're going to figure out a great way to make the most of our weekends indeed.