01631: What a Monday!

Today was a majorly crazy day. The team has five major proposals to finish with various deadlines all within the next two weeks, additional tasks coming in left and right and other fun stuff. Plus there's dealing with the prospects of some personnel changes in the future, it's definitely going to get worse before it gets better. At least I'm no longer dealing with all of this alone. It could be much worse.

Tobie and I have been talking about me trying to shift my schedule a little earlier in the hopes of increasing our overlap period to some extent. The goal is to be able to get home in time to catch him before he leaves for work, which may be tricky since going to work too early means that I'll leave the house before he arrives back home. But despite our opposing schedules, we continue to find ways to make things work. And I know we'll manage things well enough.

I wish I had more time and energy to engage in more leisure activities right now, but I don't see myself lasting much longer. Just one of those days.

On a lighter note - I like the weather right now. Cloudy but not raining - chill but not biting cold. It's nicely comfy and I hope it allows me to sleep well. At least that's the goal.sie