0162E: Creative Pegs

Once upon a time there was Fandom Live! - a quirky magazine web show that a bunch of geeks, including Tobie, had put together. When I had first started hanging out with Tobie, he quickly introduced me to show and before I knew it, I was already part of the crew. And that was a fun ride being one of the hosts of the "show" - we just had fun with each episode and what ideas that Tobie would come up with as concepts to keep things interesting.

But eventually real life and our respective day jobs got in the way of things and the show just sort of disappeared. I do miss it thus every now and then Tobie and I do talk about the show, what made it fun, and the chances of putting up another show of a similar style.

Recent social buzz brought The Daly Show to my attention - particularly the more recent League of Superman episode. And while this is a show by a pretty established actor and his son, at the end of the day the level of humor isn't too far away from what we used to do on the show. That certainly had me thinking.

And through the wonders of YouTube's internal recommendation engine, I also ended up discovering My Gay Roommate It wasn't particularly amazing or engaging, but just acted as another reminder that there's a lot of room out there for more creative input.

Plus there's the fact that I'm currently reading Stories, the Neil Gaiman curated collection of short stories by various authors. It's always such a joy to read anthologies like this since you get exposed to so many different authors and their respective writing styles and such. And the tone of this particular collection does inspire one to write as well.

And this is particularly interesting since I have a nasty habit of thinking of my writing in terms of great big epic tales that span several books. Short stories are a completely different discipline entirely and one that I have not always felt that I do well in. But reading this book has me thinking that maybe I'm just approaching things in the wrong way.

A web show? A pod cast? A book? Short stories? The possibilities are limitless.