0162F: My 2013 Birthday Wish List

It is exactly one month before my birthday in August, and as I have done occasionally over the years, I figure it might be fun to post an over-the-top wish list of items that I would love to receive for my birthday. I doubt you readers will actually invest in getting me any of these items, but hey a guy can dream, right?

From a more conservative perspective, you folks can always take it upon yourselves to pick an item from the Amazon Kindle Wish List to give me a new book for my special day. Seriously, this would still be quite a treat for me.

So here we go, some things that I absolutely would love to have on my special day:

Star Trek Catan - I was not expecting  to get into Settlers of Catan as much as I have thus far. I mean seriously, this is an amazing game. But to add in some Star Trek flavor along with special Star Trek character role cards? Just too awesome! And apparently there's a Federation Map Set that you can also get to make your game experience even Trek-ier.

Adventure Time Encyclopedia - Tobie and I love the show Adventure Time, and of course getting this book is a no-brainer. I've seen a few sample pages of the book and it's rather awesome.indeed. And yes, this deserves to be owned as a full physical book and not just an ebook.

The Tenth Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver - Apart from Adventure Time, we also love Doctor Who. And while we already have the Sonic Screwdriver of the 11th Doctor, I'm still more in love with the look of the prior Doctor's device - along with David Tennant of course.

Takara Encore 23: Fortress Maximus - Of course I need to have Transformers on this list and while I also want to get the massive Transformers Generations Metroplex, I'm bound to get that one way or another. However I'm always reluctant to get this toy since I still have my original G1 Fortress Maximus, albeit missing its accessories and such. And I never had the really big sword.

SG Soundwave vs SG Blaster - The other Transformers item on this list is the weird box set of Shattered Glass Soundwave and Blaster. I had almost purchased this a few months ago, but the toy was actually out of stock by the time they I tried to fulfill the order. I've been hesitant to try to get it again because of the cost, especially since it's a refit.

A Wooden Dice Tray - With all the games that we play, we could really use a good dice tray to help our games go along. I'm not too picky on the style of the tray -  a plastic one would be decent too. The point is to have a large enough dice tray to use. I could opt for a dice cup, but that seems selfish, plus I already have a dice boot.

I think I'll leave it at that. These items are definitely difficult to get in many cases but not totally unrealistic (except perhaps for Fortress Maximus). Fingers crossed! At the very least there's always my Kindle Wish List as a more affordable alternative.