01628: Wishing For Longer Weekends

Last night we gamed together with Marc and his partner Jeff and it was awesome. As much as I enjoy the diversity of the different game systems that we've tried over the past few years, there's certainly something that White Wolf's World of Darkness system that is truly unique. It really does help facilitate some pretty dark and intense storytelling - and Tobie really knows how to use this to full effect. And I'm glad that this little group is really working well together and I'm looking forward to when our characters will all fully converge and we'll start dealing with the big threat together.

And quite frankly, we could use help given how all the different forces in play are a bit much for any of us to handle as individual players. But of course the individual story arcs are still important to games like this. It's part of how one manages such stories after all.

We ended not having a game today due to scheduling complications, but that did mean that Tobie and I got to sleep in a bit. We woke up mid-afternoon and only really went out to eat - in this case with a massive Yakimix buffet over at The Podium. I was particularly craving sushi so I indulged in that part of the buffet today - not that we didn't also get to enjoy all the grill stuff as well.

We'll be heading over to O Bar in a bit. I still wish that I had managed to get more of my past photos edited and uploaded. Plus I didn't even find time to unbox more of my Transformers. Ah well, they will be time for that soon enough. It's not like there's a particular rush for these things.

Weekends are just so darned short.