01627: Gaming, Gaming, Gaming

Gaming night! And oddly enough, this has become our only game for the weekend. But hey, these things happen.

It's funny to consider that I now live a life where it's hard to imagine not having a game in a weekend. The various RPG sessions have become a main fixture of our lives - obviously an effect of being involved with a hardcore gamer like Tobie. And I suppose you could say that I've also become a rather serious gamer as well given the number of game systems and such that I've had the opportunity to experience thanks to Tobie. Heck, I've even written about my theory on play styles - and I doubt that will be my last RPG-related feature blog post.

This weekend just feels a little short on expectations though given that we had mapped out two games but instead we'll have just one. This is not a bad thing - as long as there's a game in the week, then we won't go totally crazy. But yeah, it would have been a bit more fun had both games pushed through.

That does mean that Sunday is now free for other stuff, and Tobie and I will just need to figure out what to do. A movie might be nice, but I don't think we particularly want to see right now. We'll probably be better off enjoying the movies that we have here at home - there's never any shortage in that department. We'll probably go out whether to eat or something then O Bar again in the evening.

Oh crap, I haven't finished editing the photos from the past two Sundays.

But yeah, that's the weekend in a quick blog post. This entry was a little stream-of-consciousness in nature, but then it can't be help since (1) I've barely had any sleep, (2) I just woke up from a power nap and (3) we're in the middle of tonight's World of Darkness game.

On with the weekend!


  1. It feels incredible to be with someone you love who shares their passions with you and is open to enjoying your passions as well. I love you!


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