0161A: Geek Upgrades and Acquisitions

So I finally got a new phone - and it did in fact end up being the HTC One that I had been considering recently. The somewhat impromptu trip to Greenhills upon Tobie's return from his company outing sort of made this a near inevitability. And we didn't even seriously search for the phone all that earnestly - a good option just came up and that was that.

I'm loving this phone thus far - beyond the fact that it's pretty gorgeous, it's as powerful as I had hoped it to be. Running apps is a lot more efficient on this phone compared to my older ASUS tablet and the range of options that the phone offers is pretty phenomenal. And while it cost more than just a pretty penny (something that I'll have to deal with over the next 6 months), I don't feel bad about this particular purchase. I've enjoyed the Android environment ever since I first started experimenting with my tablet and now I'm glad that I have a modern enough phone that takes advantage of the same Android benefits.

Beyond that new phone, I also picked up Takara Transformers Generations Ratbat. He's a bit pricey for a deluxe figure, but I love how he's patterned after a pre-war version of the character who was actually a senator in the IDW comics. Coolness. It's rare for me to leave Greenhills without a new figure. This was not one of those cases, obviously.

Beyond that it was a rather relaxing Saturday. Given Tobie had come from out of town, it was nice to just be at the Sietch together and enjoy our time together. We've spent today at Mahar's place for another gaming Sunday. This time around we're playing Dungeon World, which is definitely one of our lighter games. It's still a very fun adventure, although part of me is looking for the heavy drama of our past World of Darkness games. I know we'll get a chance over the next few weekends as we play either Vampire or the God-Machine Chronicle - both being World of Darkness systems.

Then after this is O Bar. I still have a crazy number of photos to process and upload from the past trips. And I know tonight will only add more photos to work with. But hey it's a fun "problem" to have.
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