0161E: Hastily Scrawled Thoughts Before Bed

Big client visit tonight so I'll be heading to bed shortly. I'm going to be at our QC location again, so that naturally uproots my normal workflows and I doubt that I will get little to no desk work done today. But hey, it comes with the territory in the Marketing life.

I am rather excited to experiment with my new phone in that kind of a setup and see how it can either make my life easier or perhaps just a bit more complicated. I'm pretty sure there will be significantly positive effects to this particularly smart phone, but it really depends on how I end up optimizing the experience for myself. And that's the real test right there.

But obviously I'm loving my new phone.

My Transformers are in dire need of being released from their plastic prisons though. I haven't even formed Abominus with my Predacons! Crazy times that we live in indeed when Transformers linger unopened for too long, hehe. But I'll get to them soon enough - you can count on it. My poor babies!

And I'm not even ready for Metroplex quite yet...