01926: Almost Singapore Time

And just like that, it's the week of our Singapore trip. After all the work stress of the past few weeks and the challenges of juggling different gaming groups amid family obligations and all that fun stuff, our little planned vacation is just around the corner. Exciting!

I woke up nicely early and have been sort of working on secondary preparations since then. This involves getting certain Sietch chores out of the way, unloading various downloads from my laptop, getting long overdue photos uploaded and building up a sufficient blog review queue to keep things busy. The Geeky Guide is a monster that constantly needs content to be fed into it and I don't want that to get too in the way of our time over there.

And given how the past few weeks have gone, both of us could certainly use some vacation time. And it's rather funny that as long as the trip is, we don't have too much planned beyond catching the stage musical Mamma Mia. We'll sort of wing everything else as we spend time with my sister, which is always a good thing. Her little menagerie of pets alone is more than enough to keep us pretty occupied.

But first, I need to finish this abbreviated work week. Whew.