0192C: Ending With A Show

Most if not all of our trips to Singapore involve some event that we map things around. Our prior trip was because of the STGCC 2014. This trip, like most others, was built around a desire to go see Mamma Mia! on stage. I'm already a fan of the movie adaptation and I figured it would be nice to finally see the stage version.

We just watched the show today at the end of this particular Singapore trip. I typically try to avoid opening weekend performances, but our scheduling options were tight and so we had to push through with this option. By design this is meant to be an entertaining play but there's something about the way it was handled meant it didn't quite push that fun factor.

On the whole, this may mark a new period in terms of our trips though since we really focused a lot more on actually relaxing more than anything else. Despite managing to make time to meet up with a few friends and spend way too much on geeky things, we actually spent most of this trip just here at my sister's place.

Then again, we're well past the tourist phase in our lives and we're pretty much just regular visitors to Singapore. Just the other day we had someone else ask us for directions in terms of the MRT and we were able to quickly answer the question like any other resident.

Does this mean we have plan of migrating here? That's highly unlikely, There's too much of our lives tied to the Philippines and there are many, many reasons why life back home remains enjoyable. We still have a lot of things that could certainly be improved and we'll get there sooner or later.

And tomorrow we go home.