01920: Missy Mystery No More

So we just finished watching the Doctor Who episode "Dark Water" and I'm quite happy with how things turned out. The episode finally addresses the lingering question of who Missy is supposed to be and both Tobie and I enjoyed the reveal. My money had been on a different answer entirely. but it's nice to be wrong. And don't worry, no spoilers.

Doctor Who remains to be one of the primary shows that we follow faithfully. With so little time to watch TV together and so many TV shows out there, Doctor Who is one of the few that we manage to keep pretty up-to-date with. And this season has been a little weird but still interesting given the overall focus on the new Doctor coming to terms with himself and his role in things. The episodes have in one way or another involved sort of deconstructing the Doctor and helping us define what it means to be him piece by piece. We literally had an episode where Clara had to try and become the Doctor and thus bearing the responsibility of the role.

But now the identity of Missy is out there for everyone to discover by finally watching the episode or supposedly by reading tweets from the official Twitter account. Nasty spoilers right there.

We all need our little distractions from the rigors of the working world.