01928: Countdown - T-Minus One

As is always the case, work felt rather busy right before I'm set to go on leave for our last Singapore trip for the year. Ironically the task that took up most of my time wasn't even part of my core duties - just something that drifted my way because of my knowledge of MS Visio and process flow-charting in general. Admittedly, creating a good process flowchart is both an art and a science at times and there's a certain sense of fulfillment one gets once a seemingly complex process eventually gets translated into a garishly colored collection of unusual shapes.

But that's out of the way for now. Time to focus on better things.

Tobie and I are already checked in for both flights, so that's one thing definitely out of the way. Now we just need to get packed and I'm sure we'll be able to address that once properly once Tobie gets home from work. It's a shame that he couldn't take today off, but there's just too much going on at work for him.

I'm rather looking forward to this trip. Oddly enough our generally empty dance card is now getting filled up with invites from friends based in Singapore, which is a bit of a different thing for us. Of course it's a different thing entirely to make sure we have time to meet up with all of them. Things get a little crazy when we're there - or at least it's hard to leave my sister's house for longer periods of time. We're home bodies to begin with and the behaviors carry over to when we're abroad. It's just as well, these Singapore trips are as much travel opportunities as a chance to be with family.