01934: Monday Makati Madness

I have a much earlier start to my work day tonight but I also have a late meeting towards the morning. The prospects of spending that much time at the office doesn't sound like something to look forward to, although I am weighing the prospects of just taking that last call from home - assuming I don't fall asleep the moment I arrive home.

At the same time there are reports of a bomb scare in Makati not too far from my office, but of course it turned out to be a false alarm. I hope the traffic flow situation normalizes by the time I get to the office though - traveling in Metro Manila in the daytime is never an ideal situation and such incidents only make things worse. But hey, work is work.

If anything, this early schedule sort of works with my usual Monday challenge of sleeping at the wrong time. We didn't go out to O Bar last night and so this resulted in me actually sleeping during the evening hours. I woke up past noon, which is actually not too bad, but of course this means that I'll need to work straight trough until morning on the sleep that I've gotten so far. Such fun.

The joys of the call center life indeed.