01930: Scheduling Options

I'm looking at the gaming calendars for the rest of November and the limited slots in December and I can see that things are going to be pretty busy. Given the upcoming LGBT Pride Marches (plural!) and the various holiday festivities, it's pretty obvious that scheduling gaming activities will be pretty tricky. As much as I've been posting the open schedule slots for the folks who typically game with us, I know that one thing or another is going to come along at the last minute and test my scheduling abilities. 

Apart from testing out Inbox, I've also recently updated to the newer version of Google's Calendar app. I'm a longtime GCal user and I'm already pretty used to leveraging the platform for keeping track of various events and all that fun stuff. For people who are more important to me, I even track birthdays on Google Calendar. The new version is certainly pretty, but I've yet to be particularly impressed just yet. They make a lot of promises about automatically tagging entries with related images and stuff like that, but I've yet to really see that in action. I think I need to spend a bit more time reading up on what's supposed to have changed in this version.

Then again, there's a lot of tinkering going on with various tools and I know that I'll need to get around to seriously studying some of these new toys beyond the casual approach of learning by using. There's not all that much time to truly immerse myself in apps like these, but I suppose I'll just have to make the most of things. At the very least, at least it will mean a nerdier way of relieving a little stress when needed.