0192D: Anniversary 2.0

Given the odd 2012 hiccup in our relationship, today marks the 2nd anniversary of our getting back together and starting our relationship anew. But really, for all intents and purposes we've been togeter for a good 5 years and it's been an interesting journey so far. Admittedly circumstances supported this particular Singapore trip to be timed in a manner just right such that the anniversary was indirectly part of my time away from work as well. But of course we're too tired from the travel to really do anything particularly amazing - this whole trip acts in that regard, I suppose.

Saturady also marked Yoshi's 3rd birthday, and our little birthday boy was pretty happy to see us. He was essentially all over us the moment we got home and his desire to be close has resulted in some strange moments. But we totally love him to bits and it's nice to have a lovely dog to love.

This was a pretty good trip since it provided what we needed the most - rest. And this was also an interesting test case for utilizing Uber in order to get home from the airport. We still ended up paying around P300 for the ride, but that certainly beats taking one of the airport taxis. Given the rather significant traffic build-up in the NAIA area itself plus the slow crawl down northbound EDSA, P300 feels like a steal.

But for now we need to catch up on sleep. If we wake up in time we'll maybe catch a movie for have a nice dinner somewhere. Or maybe even make a little spa run to help relieve our Singapore-sore legs.

As much as it's fun visit other places around the world. there's nothing quite like going home.


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