0192B: Lazy Singapore Trip

If there is one thing that best characterizes this Singapore trip thus far, it's a lot of lazing around and sleeping. And that's a totally good thing as opposed to doing the mad tourist rush or feeling obligated to "make the most" of every single day spent here. Given how busy things have been in terms of our work lives, just taking some time to relax and cuddle my sister's dogs sounds pretty good to me.

I already spent a small fortune on geeky items over the course of this trip. Given the six different Doctor Who Dalek Two-packs and the three new Transformers Generations Voyager-class figures that I've picked up, we already know that we're going to have a bit of a challenge to get everything packed into our luggage. I won't be bringing home for the boxes for the Transformers,but I will bring home the Doctor Who sets in that manner.

Today we made a quick run to Paradigm Infinitum to see what games they had, but didn't find anything particularly excited. I could see that Tobie was feeling a little dejected because of this, although we still picked up copies of Sushi Go! and The Builders: Middle Ages in order to avoid walking away empty handed.

Beyond that, tomorrow is the only day with an officially scheduled activity, this being the staging of Mamma Mia! at the Marina Bay Sands Theatre. We might pass by the ArtScience Museum, but it's not absolutely necessary at this point.