01927: A Few Random Questions

Why don't more people take advantage of web check-in before a flight? Every time we're at the airport, there's this horrendous queue of people waiting to check in their bags. I never understand why they seem to embrace long queues.

I wonder if we'll ever see a more efficient elections system in our lifetime. Our current partially automated elections seem doomed to die given all the accusations of cheating related to the system. Then again, who would want to risk trying a new system?

Will Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago ever decide on what the true severity of her cancer is? How does one get a miracle cure for Stage 4 cancer anyway?

Will Uber survive their tussle with the LTFRB? Will services like Uber actually trigger changes in how taxi cabs are operated here?

Will I ever finish writing my novel? Will I ever finish writing a novel to begin with?

Do we seriously think that anyone other that Jejomar Binay is going to win the next Presidential Election? Is anyone going to become a serious contender against him?

What am I going to do after the call center industry? Or will I stay here for the long term?

While noontime shows ever go away? Or at least will the format change drastically to stop exploiting the less fortunate?

Will we ever find a house of our own?

Will people ever stop being stupid?


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