01933: Weekend Juggling

It's a gaming weekend, and I know that such weekends will become somewhat few and far between as the holidays really kick in. With so few valid gaming days left, I'm doing my best to confirm schedules for those last few slots. I can imagine that it sounds a little silly for folks who don't play as many board games and RPGs as we do, but it's pretty serious business. I often feel like I need to do my best to make as many people happy as possible while risking severely disappointing others. One can only try your best.

To be fair, this weekend doesn't feel quite as tiring as I thought it would. Despite gaming schedules for both Saturday and Sunday, I don't drained. Admittedly a lot of these gaming weekends take a lot out of me, especially when the Saturday sessions run long between complex plot developments and post-game conversations. I suppose that's a good thing - this upcoming work week is going to start out pretty busy.

I rather miss going to O Bar, but I know tonight is not going to be a good night for staying up late. I'll need to go to the office a lot earlier than normal, and so that'll just screw up my schedule all over again. But man, the last time I was O Bar was for Halloween and now the end of November is fast approaching. I always feel bad when an entire month goes by and things end up leaving me unable to see the Oh Divas in action.

So little time for all the wonderful things that we potentially want to do. Such is life.