01924: Buggered Out

The work week is always 5 days long but given our variable perception of time, it doesn't always feel like the same amount of time. This week was particularly busy, but I'm not sure if it felt longer due to all the work or shorter due to how quickly time seemed to past as we dealt with our various deadlines.

But now it's the weekend I've already accomplished some goals by passing by Greenhills before going home. Originally I was supposed to go to Rockwell to look for these special pastillas that we had tried before. But the Uber promotion that offers free rides to and from Greenhills sort of won me over. What little I saved by taking free Uber rides to and from Greenhills ended up being spent by a few factors since apart from pastillas, I also picked up the Adventure Time edition of Munchkin along with a few expansions.

I also picked up these babies from the DEC table at the little food fair they had set up at the Greenhills Promenade while waiting for my Uber ride home. A little pricey, but definitely delicious.

My brain feels like it's working a little slowly today. Now I think I want to dig up my StarCraft II game and play around a bit. But we have an RPG session tonight, so I should really get some sleep, too.

So little time.