01527: Studying the Candidates

So in case you didn't already know, I don't vote. And it's not because I'm apathetic or that I don't care about the government. It's really more about how I have yet to see a candidate that I feel is worth voting for.

And as an exercise in my continued (yet limited) involvement in government, I'm taking time to review the various candidates and see if there actually may be someone worth voting for. Believe me, I would love to be proven wrong.

I'm still in the process of my research - a process which will take time since not all candidates have gotten their marketing machines into full swing, which is a bit of a factor in itself. My goal is to evaluate the candidates based on their platforms, their stands on various issues, and other factors.

Just a cursory evaluation of the candidates based on (1) how incumbent candidates voted on the Cybercrime Bill and the RH Bill, (2) whether or not they represent my definition of a political dynasty, (3) if they are pastors of some sort or have direct connections to a religious group and (4) what information I can find on their stands on issues in my first search, I'm down to one candidate is fully in the clear, this being Risa Honteveros, and 6 others who I'm largely on the fence about.

The "maybe" list includes people I have somewhat personal reservations about, a number of former presidential candidates and some career politicians who I think would be much better off retiring. And it's not like I've been able to find clear platforms and opinions on these guys just yet. Why are there so many wives, sons, daughters and what not continuing to remain in politics? Sheesh.

Naturally, I'm not all inspired by the choices that I'm left with and what this represents to me in terms of my continued disapproval of our government. And I haven't even started digging into the House of Representatives. Oh fun.

I do this since I hope that one day I will find someone that I sincerely believe in. I refuse to vote based on the principle of "the lesser of the evils" as it were. I want to vote for someone I can fully support and believe in. It'll take me a while, but we'll see how things go.

Fingers crossed.