01524: A Yoshi Progress Report

No new Transformers to feature today. And while I do have an unopened Classics Bumblebee waiting on the side, I don't think I'm going to jump into that just yet. Although given how today has gone, I have to admit I'm sorely tempted. I could use a little stress-release. Maybe I'll cover some books before bed or something.

So let's talk about happier news instead.

As adorable as Yoshi is, it has been a bit of a challenge to properly house train him. We've tried a variety of strategies recommended elsewhere including laying out newspaper as his bathroom area, buying a pee box to give him an isolated spot and even purchasing these dog training drops that are supposed to attract him to do his business there. But it just hasn't been working for one reason or another and he constantly changes where he does his business. At least we've gotten him to stop using the bedroom, although we have to keep the dressing room closed in case he has lapses.

As of recent he has started to become comfortable with going into the bathroom to pee, which quite frankly is fantastic since clean-up is a heck of a lot easier. He only seems go in when the area just past the door is dry (our bathroom does not have a shower partition) but that's enough for him to do his business. In addition, he has started to use the pee pad that Tobie bought for him before, which essentially is a cloth mat that you can lay out.

At first we had tried using the mat as the lining inside the pee box, but that didn't exactly encourage him to use it. Then on a whim Tobie laid it out the other day and Yoshi has been good enough to use it this time around. And it's becoming a habit of sorts - hopefully it'll stick! As much as we could also try to walk him regularly outside, our immediate area here in Cubao isn't exactly the most ideal venue for that sort of thing. Any indoor solutions would be more than ideal for us - and Yoshi too.

Besides, as far as Yoshi is concerned - he's pretty convinced that he's as human as the rest of us. So why should he have to go outside to do his business, right?