01521: Soundwave, Superior

This, ladies and gentlemen, is the extent of my collection of Soundwave figures and his various minions throughout the years. They come from different toylines from both Hasbro and Takara, but in the end they're all Transformers.

Soundwave is definitely one of my favorite characters in the Transformers universe. Even when I was a kid, I was determined to find myself a G1 figure. I never really did find one until a few years ago when I received the Takara Transformers Encore version of the toy. By then my adult Transformers collecting was pretty much going into full swing.

Why do I like Soundwave so much?

Some would argue that he's just a loyal flunkie to Megatron. He's always by his side and appears to be insanely loyal to the Megatron leader. But he's also the technical expert and in some ways a one-robot army with his various cassette (or data disc as it is these days) minions - something clearly demonstrated in the G1 episode Auto Berserk.

And let's face it - the smartest villains aren't necessarily the ones who are in the front line of things. Why be the leader when you can sort of ensure things go smoothly in the background? And given Soundwave's primary function for infiltration and espionage, he makes for a very, very cool character indeed. You do NOT mess with Soundwave.

And we've seen him prove himself as more than a match for the other Decepticons. In the 1986 movie he and his little cassette army had the guts to go up against the Constructicons. Thus the immortal line, "Soundwave, superior. Constructicons, inferior." And that's quite a tactical assessment of things right there.

You would think that I would have better appreciated the likes of Shockwave, who is pretty much touted as the most logical of all Decepticons. But the way his character came across in the show and even in some of the comics, he's rather boring and perhaps even melodramatic.

Soundwave is just cold. You give him a mission and he carries out. He doesn't try to make bids to seize the leadership of the Decepticons too overtly except for that moment in the movie. Otherwise, he has been continue to support Megatron's rise to power and all that fun stuff.

Masterpiece Soundwave is definitely the best depiction of this character that I have ever come across, and clearly I have more than a few versions of him on-hand. And I don't think he's just a great Soundwave figure, he's also one of the best Masterpiece figures around as well. There's a lot going for him including some very solid construction, interesting poseability and of course a lot of great gimmicks. I can't wait for his other cassette minions to be released in Masterpice format as well. So we can round out his little army sooner rather than later, hehe.
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