0152B: Tiring Start to the Work Week

Even Yoshi is feeling lazy today
Well my first day of the work week was as busy as expected. I'm still juggling a number of tasks at work and little to no progress has been made in terms of searching for someone to join me in the team just yet. Plus there are all those other ad-hoc requests that come my way given my marketing role, but what else is new? Such is the work life for all of us.

And of course I'm still feeling rather tired from the usual Monday syndrome that a lot of us call center workers go through. It's just so hard to get properly aligned with your schedule come Monday night that makes getting through the first shift a unique challenge in itself. But those are the kicks of the working world, especially in the BPO industry.

I do foresee going to sleep a little earlier today. Might as well given Tobie had to start his work day pretty early, and thus today is one of those instances when we weren't able to catch one another at home. It doesn't happen all the time (and for that I acknowledge this as something to be grateful for), but it doesn't mean that it's ever going to be nice when it does occur.

But I also want to spend time organizing my Transformers manuals or something. Thankfully Tobie was able to find them during our near frantic searching last Sunday. More geekery to fulfill!