01533: With a Somewhat Heavy Heart...

My work "day" ended pretty late again, but with luck this will be the turning point when things go back to normal, more or less. I've been juggling quite a number major deadlines - the last two of which finally came to a head today. But at the same time I've been juggling quite a number of other tasks at the same time. We can never get around the seemingly random, ad-hoc stuff that always comes along.

I'm home alone now since Tobie had an early work meeting to get to. So to help pass the time I'm finally watching the original 1984 V mini-series. And I have to admit, I'm rather impressed with the core premise as it was presented. Seriously, it's hard to imagine that this was "just" a TV series and not the concept for a major motion picture. I may just end up enjoying this series more than the 2009 reimagined version of the show.

Note to self: Download the original Battlestar Galactica series soon.

And for things of a more serious / emo nature.

The human heart, as a concept, is a very complex thing. Even the whole notion of the heart being somehow the center of our emotional responses is but one of the many attempts to try and capture our feelings in an idea. So I guess the proper statement would be to say that human emotions are horribly complicated. And thus many people spend most of their lives just trying to figure things out.

And nothing complicates a person more than love. Whether it is about love being found, love being celebrated or love being lost, love is an emotion that leaves deep marks on one's psyche and quite lasting effects on a person. Thus we go back to the image of the heart as we imagine it being broken or harmed and eventually healed once things take a turn for the better. It's never easy whether we're talking about the good or the bad. Our hearts - our emotional centers - don't adapt to changes very easily.

The human experience is about adapting to changes as best as we can and making decisions as reasonably as we can even when our hearts seems to be overwhelming all else. We do our best to find our way in this big scary world. But naturally it helps to have someone to share the journey with and to help sort through all these emotions. It may be a case of the blind leading the blind, or perhaps it's really just the sum being greater than the individual persons.
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