0153A: Re-Alignment Post

Well, I survived my crazy work schedule over the past 24 hours without making a fool of myself, so that's definitely a good thing. The client visit in itself went fairly well, at least from my perspective. At least at this point, my work is done.

That leaves all my other regular duties for me to get back to by the time I back to work tonight - as if I didn't spend time after the visit to get caught up on email, run a few reports and field a few phone calls before calling it a day. Oh fun.

I got home much earlier than normal given all the schedule changes. Iin fact, it was early enough for me to catch the sun rising over the city. I kind of wish Metro Manila had a more, I dunno, "romantic" look about it during moments like this, but either it just wasn't there or I was too tired to see it. Just a random thought.

Of course since the gods of irony really wanted to push things along, they made sure that I could not take full advantage of this situation. By the time I got home I pretty much had to stay up to make sure that Tobie woke up for work given our opposing work schedules. I would have much rather had just slipped into bed beside him and then slept the night away, but this wasn't in the cards for today. And since I focused on staying up, I'm still awake until now. And I'm still hungry despite eating the Yellow Cab stuff that Tobie had set aside for me. Curse you my bottomless pit of a stomach!

I've managed to accomplish a few creative items for the day. I finished processing all of the photos from last Sunday's O Bar Ortigas session. I ended up dividing the set into two albums - one for friends and the drag performances and the other just for the poi performances. Guess which one had more images, hehe.

I'm really happy with how a number of the images had turned out - especially the poi photos. Personal Prince bias aside, I really do enjoy trying to capture their routines in still images and even videos given it does make for quite the amazing visual feast. The flow arts are definitely a wonderful means of expressing oneself and I guess my photography sort of reflects my efforts to celebrate the art despite my lack of the appropriate hand-eye coordination skills.

I also ended up going through my photo archives to create a Facebook album dedicated to my former cats, Smoke and Mist. I had left them behind when I broke up with Brian and moved in with Tobie and they had died in the years after that point. Given Prince and his friend Travis now have Persian kitties of their own, it had me wanting to go all nostalgic over my cats. The pretty, pretty babies...

I cleaned the turbo broiler. I at least brought my blogs current until today (but still need to refill the queue). I also got caught up on my Photography Project 365 effort as well. Thankfully I have not needed to "cheat" this effort just yet given all of the photos in the album were actually taken on the tagged date although I may not always post the image on the same day.

I really ought to get some sleep soon. Hope Tobie is okay - I know he's feeling really tired and beat up as well. This week is starting out pretty stressful indeed.