01529: Early Gaming Sunday

So I slept through the night given how I had stayed up longer than I should have yesterday. I actually clocked in almost 12 hours of sleep, but I did wake up here and there during the course of the night. As much as I wanted to wake up again to maybe enjoying some PS3 time with Tobie, clearly my body had other ideas.

So when I did wake up this morning I ended up cooking my very first batch of lasagna (EVER!) and cleaning up the bathroom a bit. Weird combination of activities, but hey it's just how my brain works sometimes. And no, I didn't mix the two activities together - thus the lasagna did come out pretty well.

But waking up earlier was a good thing given we were also scheduled to have Urim and Mahar over for a much earlier game session - the consequence of Mahar's earlier work obligations tomorrow.

Given we had already completed our last game chronicle, Agenda, today we started a new game entirely. The system is known as Blood & Honor, which is similar to Houses of the Blooded given its use of the FATE system as well. In this game we're all samurai fulfilling different roles for our daimyo - to make things easier we were all in a single clan.

Now this game was initially envisioned as a light one-shot before we progressed to a different game. But it was a lot of fun and highly reminiscent of ourn other Asian-themed game, this being Weapons of the Gods and thus it looks like we'll extend the game to last a few more sessions.

Personally, I'm highly enjoying my role as the daimyo's spymaster. I have the ability to declare truths that I know about NPCs when I meet them, which makes for some interesting role-playing moments. Plus with that kind of information on-hand, it makes manipulation through blackmail just a little easier.

Not sure if we're going to O Bar tonight, but the signs are somewhat likely. We shall see.