0152F: Saturday Night Geeky Fun

This is a purple cow shaped like a bottle.
I have very strong principles about work and weekends, and thus I make it a personal goal to avoid bringing work home. The only time that I do work from home is when I'm sick and unable to report for the day. But sometimes it's inevitable - and this is one of those weekends, it seems. But it can't be helped - work is work after all and I've never been one to shrug responsibilities.

But still, ugh. Work is work is work indeed.

I haven't had much sleep, but then it's a gaming night and thus it's more than worth the stress of trying to stay awake. Gaming is fun that way.

Today we're gaming with our Houses of the Blooded group, and this is definitely one of our truly enjoyable games. It's a game that celebrates a heck of a lot of drama and misery for the player, so in a way no one ever truly wins. And our particular group has been rather indulgent when it comes to pushing the drama, which is turn is a lot of fun.

So game now, work tomorrow. Makes sense to me.