0152D: Celebrating the Day of Love

The day is finally here my friends. For all those who believe in love, a very Happy Valentine's Day to you. Celebrate love in all of its forms. Celebrate your happiness. And try to be extra baduy while you're at it - today is the perfect day for this sort of thing. On any other day people would accuse you of being needlessly cheesy. Today it is precisely the right thing to do.

In my case, I went the rather traditional route and bought Tobie some flowers - red roses if you insist on asking. As much as we had stated that we really didn't have to do anything extra special for today, I really couldn't resist as I saw all the happy people trying to buy flowers at Farmer's Market while I was walking home. So I swung by, braved the madness and came out with these simple little flowers.

And it's not like I was the only one who did something special for today.

Last night Tobie made sure that we shared a special meal of sorts given our opposing schedules. Originally we had hoped to meet for "lunch" during my shift, but then I just had too many meetings and tasks to deal with while he needed to get some sleep. So his dinner and my breakfast consisted of all of our favorites from North Park.

As you can see, it made for a most hearty meal before I left for work.

I know we're luckier than most couples since we actually live together. As much as I complain about how our differing schedules limits our time together, I know there are others who have it a bit worse in the sense that they only see one another on weekends and such. But it doesn't really matter just how much time you spend but it's really about the quality of the time that you share - and the effort that you invest staying connected all the other times.

I hope you all have a great Valentine's Day. It doesn't matter if you're single or you're in a loving committed relationship. It's a nice day to celebrate love so let's all just smile and enjoy the cheesiness. Or even better, try to contribute to effort to increase the overall level of baduyness in the world, at least for today.


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