01536: Becoming Friends Again

Well, at least my concerns with BPI are sort of resolved. I now have my replacement credit card, but I'm still demanding a better explanation as to what exactly caused the delay and I'm hoping for some form of compensation or any other gesture of good faith to make up for the hassle. But I'd rather not talk about that right now. I'm still in a good mood.

Last night at O Bar was pretty awesome - I definitely needed the breather from work. And while this is only a temporary measure given work is a source of stress without end, at the very least we can maintain some degree of balance through social activities of this nature.

Plus I may have had more than just a little to drink. Oh yeah, that totally helps things along as well.

I will be the first to admit that I did not expect this week to end the way that it did. On Sunday I had schedule-posted an entry about how to deal with your ex over on the Geeky Guide, admittedly due to resentment that had grown over the past months since the ASA Family had parted ways. You know how it is when you don't talk - too many assumptions get made and you continue to not talk and then things just seem to get worse and worse.

But things have changed since Sunday, and definitely changed for the better. And at the very least, Tobie and I are talking to Prince again. Or maybe I should say Prince is again talking to me. And this is a good thing since the break-up was initially amicable and then things just sort of drifted apart somehow. That's life and the complexity of relationships, I suppose.

No, we're not getting back together. That would be totally jumping the gun and I think all three of us know better than to rush into that. Plus at the same time I know we do recognize what we had lost in the months that we've kept apart - and at its core that's the friendship that we started December 2011. And that is rather important to all of us, most definitely.

There's a lot of ground to cover for sure - both in terms of catching and perhaps truly getting over some of the baggage of the past. But quite frankly, I'm feeling very hopeful and positive at this point. There is a reason that the three of us started being more than just casual acquaintances at the bar after all. And that's still something that the three of us need to explore fully and ultimately enjoy as friends.

The term "friend" is one thrown about too casually for my comfort. Or maybe I just have rather exacting standards. and while the three of us may not have always been the most ideal unit as a three-way relationship, I think we did pretty well as friends. And given the nature human experience, I think it's also fair to say that we've all grown up a bit more and have learned from our time apart. This too is still a good thing.

Sure, we went through some bad trauma and that will remain with us. But at least we learned from it - too many people just run away from the past and learn nothing instead.

Long story short, Tobie, Prince and I are all reconnecting as friends. And I do feel very good about it, if only becausae a weight has been lifted from my shoulders - or at least an emotional weight. And I know both Tobie and Prince feel all the better for it as well.

So I just had to put this out there so you dear friends who actually read this blog don't "worry" too much. We know what we're doing. I know it won't be clear sailing all the way, but then how is that different from any other friendship?