0152A: Crazy Zany Sunday Night

So after yesterday's game, we headed over to O Bar Ortigas. Beyond the confirmation that a few key friends would be there, another friend also wanted try going since he's been curious about the bar because of my various blog posts. We didn't push through last week so we finally gave in and brought him with us to the bar.

And it was a nicely crazy night indeed. The Oh Divas put on a pretty fun show with a crazy Chinese New Year segment. The alcohol was flowing rather freely (hence my VERY good sleep this morning). And of course we were in the company of good friends - plus I bumped into the strangest people while there including a former HR Manager of ours and someone who apparently worked with one of my younger cousins. Sheesh, the things my family talk about in reference to me, apparently. Life is both funny and surprising that way.

But more importantly, our friend really enjoyed himself and was dancing right in front of the stage before the night was through, which was a very fun sight indeed. It appears that we have converted another friend to the O Bar life and I'm sure we're going to have him join us at the bar sooner rather than later.

But now I'm feeling all the usual aches and pains that come with alcohol consumption and the very bizzare movements that I think to be "dancing" - at least while under the influence and while at the bar. It was certainly worth it and I don't regret anything that I did last night (and yes I remember everything). But of course now I have to cope with the pain in my right leg and how my throat is somewhat sore after cheering the drag queens on a lot louder than I had anticipated.

Today we picked up the mystery package at the post office. It was only a mystery since we didn't know to whom it was addressed to and thus both of us had to go. It turned out it was my first batch of Kickstarter rewards from the Science Fiction Land documentary. For those who are unaware, this is the actual movie whose script was used in the CIA operation depicted in Argo.

We also finally got around to watching Warm Bodies, which was essentially a quirky zombie romantic comedy movie. It was a delightful little movie that won't exactly change the world but it was enjoyable to see.

My photos from last night are in the process of being uploaded to Picasa while I also render the video from last night as well. Crazy fun times indeed. And later still, work! Huzzah?