01525: Credit Card Absence

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I hate not having my credit card. And while I do consider myself to be a fairly responsible credit card user, I also have a somewhat delicately balanced system where I rely on very little cash and mostly juggle my credit for things. I funnel almost everything through my credit card in order to earn more points, which in term keep my annual fee free and whatnot.

My replacement credit card is expected to arrive sometime this week, but in the meantime a lot of my usual services are somewhat on-hold. I will have to move my Globe auto-debit facility as soon as my new card arrives. I'll need to re-align my Amazon, Comixology, and PayPal accounts to reflect the new card and all the other little things out there that may be affected. And it's not even like there's anything that I want to buy - I just hate knowing that I can't.

I'm sorta weird that way. Damn this consumer-driven society that we live in.

I was reminded of this fact by today's monthly grocery run. And while it's still a lot of fun to go through the Shopwise First Wednesday experience, I did feel annoyed that my budget sort of got thrown out of whack since I didn't have my card, which is how I normally pay for the groceries. Tobie was able to cover it for now, so I'll have to make sure that I pay him off, which in term affects my credit card balance juggling strategy. It's hard to explain precisely how it works - but it's something that takes advantage of BPI's way of delineating credit card billing cycles and when precisely finance charges apply.

But that's probably a story best left to another blog entry.

Patience for now. My replacement card will arrive soon enough and everything will be back in order. And I'll be very, very careful with some of these online services, if only to avoid this sort of hassle in the future.
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