01535: My On-Going BPI Issue

Perhaps Destro is up to something today...
It's raining today. And it's raining rather hard. Who would have thought? We're supposed to be enjoying the last bits of cold leftover from the cooler months like December as we transition towards the much hotter months of the summer season. But instead, it was raining rather fiercely throughout the night well until the time I finally left the office to make my way home.

Supplies are running rather low here at the Sietch and so we've ordered lunch from Tropical Hut. It always seems little cruel to order delivery during bad weather, but it's also the more likely time that we're all going to order take-out since we don't want to leave our homes. At the very least the rain seems to be letting up now, so with luck that will help the delivery folks travel without getting soaked or something. Those are the kicks, I suppose.

Oh, and we're watching Beasts of the Southern Wild as well while waiting for the Tropical Hut dude to arrive.

I'm rather miffed with BPI at this point, which is kind of sad since I've otherwise loved their service. After being a loyal customer so many years, this is the first time that I'm going through a most annoying period of customer service frustrations.

So here's the timeline:

On February 4, BPI's Fraud Department helped me confirm that my credit card had been compromised. The agent was very helpful and helped me process the necessary dispute forms and committed that a replacement card would be sent to me (free of charge) within 3-5 banking days. Thus the earliest that I could get my replacement card should have been February 7.

By February 12, the reversal credits had been applied to my account but no card had yet arrived. So I called BPI again and they stated that my card had been on a status of "pending delivery" or something so the agent had to trigger it for release or something. This started a new 3-5 business day countdown so the earliest that I could get my card would have been the February 15.

So Friday, February 15, I called BPI to follow-up on the card and of course the agent stated that they still had up to the 19th to deliver the replacement card based on the original timeline. By this point I was getting rather skeptical and was confused as to why it was taking so long. In the past new credit card had promptly arrived within the time frame given it's not like we live in a remote part of Metro Manila.

By February 20, I called back already rather annoyed that it was past the revised deadline of the 19th and still no card. The agent could only tell me that the card was already with the courier and I was told to wait for it "anytime this week". Talk about a very helpful timeline. And take note, any credit card must be received by a person and thus I need to ensure that either Tobie is home or that I stay awake longer in the afternoon waiting for it to arrive. Given my graveyard schedule, this is not helpful at all.

Every day since the 20th, I have called BPI to follow-up on the card and every time they can only tell me to wait for it within the week. There was no other status available in their system other than the fact that "it was with the courier".

Well today is Friday. This is the end of the week. And I highly suspect that I still won't get my card today and the BPI agents are all going to be helpless and unable to tell me anything other than "it is with the courier". I know I'm going to go apeshit crazy by Monday if they tell me to wait again until the end of next week for the card to arrive.

Something is seriously wrong and I just want it fixed. And I think I deserve some form of compensation at this point since it'll soon be a month that I have not had the use of my card. And my financial budget relies on the card as a key component to funnel expenses through, tie a lot of my bills to and basically to help me optimize my spending. And without a card, it means that I also can't order tickets for the various plays that I want to watch either, which is even more frustrating since Q1 is always the busiest period in the local theater season for all the major companies.

What's going on, BPI?