01528: Sleepy Saturday Sharing

It's Saturday and once again, I'm pushing my body to the limit. Such are the joys of the weekend when you work the graveyard schedule.

I actually spent an extra hour at the office because of a last minute task that came in. It was a bit of a pain to rush through it, but at least my final output was received rather well. It took a lot of instant creativity - something I'm not quite used to funneling into more visual media.

I haven't slept since getting home from work and I'm about 2.5 hours away from 24 hour. Oh fun.

I'm awake since Tobie joined me in attending a meeting for Task Force Pride shortly after I arrived home from work. Thus that contributed directly to my not having the ability to sleep. But to be fair, it was a pretty robust and fulfilling meeting and I'm still hopeful for how things will continue on. But there's definitely a lot of work left for us to do and the year is just getting started! Huzzah.

Of course now I'm all tuckered out and I'm going to need to catch up on sleep. It's going to be one of those stay-at-home weekends. And that's not a bad thing at all.