01526: And the End of Another Long Day

Headmasters were more fun as a toy versus a cartoon.

A lot has been said about the differences between blue collar work and white collar work, to borrow the popular terms. And I know there is no question that my job involves a lot more brain work compared to anything else. But darn, I definitely feel pretty drained at the end of the day.

Today was rather grueling. I'm juggling three major tasks and the deadlines associated with said tasks are extremely close together. And thus I need to finish all three of them concurrently in order to get things done, which is always a delicate balancing act. But we do our best to keep the plates spinning up there, now don't we?

I could really use some help around now. Along with everything else that I'm doing, I'm also trying to find a Marketing Officer to help me in the department. I need someone with more of a graphics design bent, but still with corporate-worthy business writing and technical writing skills. It's definitely not an easy position to fill and thus the search continues.

This actually looks pretty wrong.
A lot of the work that I do involves data, facts and lots and lots of figures. Call centers are infamous for being rather blessed in terms of these things and thus I find myself constantly digging through my records or sending requests throughout the company until I get the data that I need. A lot of what I do feels like the work of a conductor as I try to bring this orchestra into order so we can come up with a masterpiece together.

An orchestra may not be the best analogy, however. I think it may be more like directing the flow of various oil tankers and shipping barges as the lumber across a bay. I need to get everyone to where they need to be and they don't all move at the same speed and they all have their own priorities in life that they feel must come first.

In other words, it's tiring and not exactly a lot of fun. Hence how tired I feel at the end of any work day, especially on days like this when my work plate is more than full. Thankfully the Sietch is such as welcome refuge. If the house wasn't as cool as it is, I doubt I would make it to the weekend without totally going crazy.


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