0153B: Constructicons Next Door

So right next door a new condominium called Amaia Skies Cubao is being built. I care little for the project itself - I'm trying to remain focused on our main goal of one day owning a townhome somewhere in the city. However I can't exactly ignore the project either since the construction is active pretty much all throughout the day.

The heavy equipment get started around 08:00am and don't wrap up for the day until around midnight. All Tobie and I can do to try and lessen the noise is to keep all of the windows closed to minimize how much sound can carry. But of course this only helps to a limited degree as the construction crews continue their work. The sound always finds its way into your brain and leaves you feeling more tired than you started. And they're still working on the foundations - I can't imagine how much worse it's going to get once the building is already several stories high.

This new unit is bound to block the view outside our window and I can only hope that we manage to find a house before that time comes. In the meantime, Tobie and I struggle to survive the din. Naturally it makes my daytime sleeping a lot more difficult and gives Tobie complications when he's working from home. But it looks like this going to be a sad part of our lives for the immediately foreseeable future - and then some.

Work was decently okay today, although I admit I was a tad distracted knowing that Tobie and Prince visited O Bar last night. I really that I could have gone with them, but of course work is work is work. At least they made sure to join me for "lunch" after the O Bar festivities, which was certainly a nice little highlight in my work day.

I still need to get through the rest of the week though, and that won't be a terribly exciting event to consider. I have new deadlines to consider, other projects that I really want to get started on and all the usual incidental stuff that are bound to come my way during the course of any normal work day. I'll continue to roll with the punches, but you can only do so much when you're the sole member of your department left. And yes, hiring additional staff remains part of my current workload as well.

Oh weekend, I wish you'd come sooner.