01537: Saturday Night with Friends

Last night was crazy fun. Despite the Saturday night O Bar crowd and the shifting state of sobriety (and the lack thereof) of friends, it's safe to say that we still enjoyed the night. And yeah, we had a great time hanging out again with Prince.

I admit this naturally has odd echoes of the events of the year before - the familiarity and the almost instinctive feelings of closeness. Past experience tempers any excitement from taking control of things, so again I repeat the request to friends not to worry. As much as it is ultimately none of their business, I do understand how this may appear to most who don't give it a second thought.

Far too often we overly trouble ourselves with how others perceive us. And while it is still responsible to put some consideration into our reputation and how we present ourselves to others, when it comes to your sense of self-worth and true value as a person, that can only come from you. That has helped me get through life with few regrets, although it also limits the number of people that I truly consider to be friends.

Plus it was cool that PJ was able to join us. He's one of our longer and dearer friends and someone who we are quite proud of given all of his achievements. He is a Chef at Las Flores at Bonifacio Global City and a majorly hard-working one at that. Thus this is his greatest challenge, I feel, and thus Tobie and I constantly remind him to get enough rest when he can. So to have him join us at O Bar was certainly a welcome addition to the night's festivities.

Saturday nights at the bar are pretty crazy - that goes without saying. There are just so many different people, a very generous amount of alcohol going around and some stellar performances by the various entertainers at O Bar.

It's nice to be freely taking photos and videos again. Admittedly I had cut down on these activities after the break-up and it's only in recent months that I've started working on getting back into the groove of things. And with the resolution of some of our lingering issues with Prince, I no longer handicap myself trying to take photos of the bar performances without taking photos of him. Believe me, it's quite the ridiculous challenge and one that I am happy to simply laugh about in hindsight.

We're currently at Mahar's place to start off a new game chronicle using the Shadows of Esteren system. Admittedly the two straight nights of going to O Bar Ortigas is taking its toll on my system - my camera arm is already rather sore from the ridiculous number of photos that I take while at the bar. But Prince has requested that we make one more trip to see a special new performance number that they have cooking and admittedly I wouldn't mind indulging him as long as my system can physically handle it.

Yeah I know, I tend to spoil those people I love and value. It's yet another reason why I keep my circle of closest friends very small. Otherwise I'd probably bankrupt myself or something, haha!